At A Glance

Solutions in Supply is more than our tagline.

Superior’s foundation is based on high-performance brands, managed by top-performing personnel, delivering world-class service. This proven approach has helped us earn the designation as “market leader.” But we didn’t accomplish this leadership position on our own. Going the extra mile is one thing, but developing truly collaborative relationships with our customers is how we continue to deliver Solutions in Supply. Today, Superior Lubricants offers diverse products and services to operators working in the automotive, heavy duty and industrial segments.

Products and Equipment

  • Lubricants, Greases, Oils and Additives
  • Automotive Fluids (Antifreeze, DEF, Windshield Washer Fluid)
  • Detailing Chemicals
  • Performance Chemicals
  • Auto Parts and Supplies
  • Absorbent Goods and Spill Kits
  • Parts Cleaning Equipment


  • Inventory Management
  • Oil Analysis
  • Oil Purification
  • Used Oil, Oil Filter Collection
  • Sampling and Analysis 
  • SDS Management
  • Environmental Consulting