Our CORE program (Continuous Optimization, Replenishment and Enhancement) ensures your inventory requirements remain aligned with the everchanging needs of your business. This ensures operators avoid costly out-of-stocks. On the flip-side, CORE ensures customers are not tying-up operating capital by carrying excess inventory. Stagnant inventory is one of the greatest margin-eroding practices that can quickly and easily be corrected.

Reduce Out-Of-Stocks and Inventory Carrying Costs, while Receiving Preferred Pricing through Bundled Products & Services

In addition to reducing out-of-stocks and inventory carrying costs, CORE customers received preferred pricing through the bundling of products and services. Many companies continue to provide some type of total fluid management program; however, these programs are complex and require too much time and too many resources. CORE simplifies the entire process and eliminates the need for performance tracking, monthly reconciliations, and payment validations.

CORE, using historical performance reviews, heuristics, and statistical modeling, ensures operators have what they need when they need it. CORE also includes periodic performance and operational reviews to identify new areas of improvement. These improvements may relate to stock levels, bundled services, route scheduling, or supply chain improvements.

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