Michael Anczok, founder of Superior Lubricants, got his first exposure to the lubricants business through his father, Guenther.
In 1967, Guenther, a mechanic by trade, purchased a Wynn’s route and began selling oil additives in western New York. Michael rode along with his dad and helped to grow the route. At age 16 Michael purchased his first truck and began selling oil additives as a commissioned rep for his father.

Charlotte and Guenther Anczok

Michael remained dedicated to developing his territory and serving his clients – All while finishing high school at age 17. The following year, while most 18-year olds were sowing their wild oats, Michael bought his first house. He continued with Wynn’s, and his father, setting new sales records along the way.

The birth of Superior Lubricants

Shortly thereafter, Michael discovered his entrepreneurial spirit was overpowering his comfortable and stable existence at Wynn’s. So in 1979 he bought a 12-year old truck (1967 GMC C50) and a tanker trailer, which he outfitted with pumps – and Superior Lubricants was born.

The birth of bulk

Being the consummate service provider and businessman, Michael began reselling his oil with a modest markup.   He determined the market was not being properly served. Back then oil was traded in drums, therefore service costs were high and capacity was limited to the number of drums that would fit on the truck. Michael was convinced that his customers, and his burgeoning business, would benefit from oil delivered in bulk.

Again, armed with limited funds and a slant towards innovation, Michael found a solution to transform his vision into bulk reality: used furnace tanks. Michael would purchase these tanks, and then outfit them with hand pumps, fill them with oil, and then sell them… a lot of them.

While the ’67 GMC has been replaced by a fleet of tank trucks and trailers and the used furnace tanks have been replaced by tank farms, so the innovative and service-oriented spirit of Superior Lubricants remains today. Despite his determination and his phenomenal success, Michael still insists that outstanding client service is the single most important thing Superior can provide, but that too is part of his entrepreneurial spirit, and we wouldn’t change a thing.

Here we find Mike engaged in something
he rarely does…sit. Most “Movers and
“Shakers,” regardless of age, can’t
keep up with him for an entire day.